Joseph Ashburner


Joe is an avid online shopper and entrepreneur with experience in website project management and product development. He realized that the Ecommerce revolution had created a unique problem - the buying indecision caused by the endless number of products available online. He set out to solve this problem so that others didn't have to suffer through the pain of endless hours of needless research before making an online purchase. Aside from running ShopNinja around the clock he enjoys video games, electronic music and brainstorming the future of the web.

Matt Garret

Senior Editor

Matt is an IT professional with over fifteen years experience supporting network infrastructure and computers. An avid gamer, Matt enjoys his time playing and writing about his experiences both in the IT world and in gaming communities. He is a Senior Editor at ShopNinja responsibly for overseas the editorial calendar for all news related content and how to guides across the ShopNinja websites.

Caydon Van Eck

Associate Buying Guide Editor

Caydon van Eck is a self-proclaimed enigmatic figure whose favorite past time is to hide in his bedroom, draped in his 20W soft-white CFL light, researching new technology. A natural technophile, Caydon enjoys researching new tech and writing about it. Other than spending most of his time in front of the computer reading and writing or immersed in music and gaming, he also greatly enjoys spending time outside, pondering the distribution of various earthly phenomena due to his second passion, Geography.

Vigilance Chari

Senior Editor

Vigilance Chari is a Senior Editor with experience writing for a number of popular editorial publications. She is an International presenter and published author. When she's not writing, she spends her time as an enthusiastic professional party planner and part-time painter.

Jo-Ann Coetzee

Outreach Manager

Jo-Ann is a community marketing specialist who helps to get the word out about ShopNinja to amazing websites and content producers around the world. She is a public relations and marketing guru who's always looking for win-win partnerships with high quality sites and authors. She is also the senior editor for WomensfashionNinja, an upcoming ShopNinja propertly. In her spare time she enjoys music and being outdoors.

Teodora Key

Product Loader

Teodora is responsible for loading products across the ShopNinja websites with the correct specifications and important details to provide the most accurate, helpful and fulfilling content for our readers. She is fascinated by everything happening in the tech world and the innovative technologies that change our lives. She has been working as a product loader and a content editor in this field for over 6 years now. In her free time she enjoys volunteering and gaming.